Michelle Muse



From residencies to one-offs, some of the most magical nights I’ve had were playing music for the underground scene- people who are REALLY into the music and are there to BOUNCE. What thrills me most is playing deep cuts that excite the dancefloor as much as they do me.


Whether I am switching genres or locked into one type of vibe for the night, I thrive on the excitement of making the crowd dance as hard as I am. I might mix in a classic here and there, most of the tunes I play are hot off the press and I work around the clock leading up to a gig so I can bring the freshness.


Since I was a teenager, my happy place has been programming drums. I am pretty sure it was my first love. I could sit for hours in my mentors’ studio on their Roland 808 and more recently in my own studio on my Tempest drum machine/ synthesizer or in Ableton Live; simply focused on the drum patterns. My obsession with sound design fits nicely with my first love of drum programming. There was a 2-week period in Arts High School where we all switched art areas. I spent the entire time in the music program ‘nerding-out’ on the Prophet 10- a very powerful and semi-obscure synthesizer. Whether it’s remixing a peer’s track, working on my own in Ableton Live, or bringing new sounds to life with powerful instruments, I adore my precious studio time.


Providing music for a family event or a life celebration is an exciting experience. I thrive with the challenge of balancing between expressing my personal style while giving my clients the experience they are looking for. Teetering on the edge of familiarity and obscurity is a comfortable and exhilarating place for me when DJing events of this nature.  My technical training and experience ensure that everything is up and running perfectly and on time, every time. I have access to state-of-the-art sound and lighting equipment that can be tailored to any event space or budget.


Michelle Muse

A Minneapolis veteran of dance music both as a promoter and dj, Michelle Muse is no stranger to the dance floor in front of and behind the decks. She has made a name for herself by playing many different styles of music for a wide variety of events and audiences. Whether she is playing techno, house, DnB or other genres, Ms. Muse brings her trademark energy and style, gravitating toward the funkiest, most stompin’ and unique selections.

DJ Drum and Bass/House/Techno 100%
Production 100%
Weddings 90%
Web Design 80%

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